Most of us will need some support with well-being, good mental health and parenting skills at some point, and our services are here to support you and your family in a natural and effective way, at the earliest opportunity.  

97% of those who attended our recent events and workshops would recommend us to a friend.

Here’s what people are saying about us…

“A great way of doing something with your children whilst growing together on a journey of learning about and better managing difficult emotions”

“A great way of doing something with your children whilst growing together on a journey of learning about and better managing difficult emotions.”

“We strongly back your program because we feel that mental health services for families is the best way forward and that currently there are no other services remotely like yours. This will benefit families in the Longford community in so many ways and we look forward to partnering with you in the near future.”
David Esdaille, Strategic Youth Lead, Trafford

“The most important thing I have gained is] recognising my behaviour/ feelings.  I will try to communicate better – talk with my children more rather than talk at them. Good family activity – encourages communication and openness.  Helped me to see my child’s point of view”

“I enjoyed bonding with my family…I believe it will help [my friends] like it helped me.”
Anonymous, age 13

“I’ve been looking for an organisation like Calm Connections for ages – you’re exactly what my family needs!”

“The mindfulness for families session was great. Everyone made to feel welcome and the techniques were really simple and easy to take away to use in everyday situations. The best bit though was the willingness of my son [age 11] to join in with everything despite his reservations, credit to the hosts as he left with a big smile on his face.”
Rob, parent

“The first mindfulness and meditation class I’ve been to, and came away feeling relaxed and with some techniques that I will try when needed.  The ‘teacher’ of the class was great, the children were encouraged to be a big part of the workshop and learn how they can use the techniques in their day to day lives.  A great workshop, thank you. “
Janine, parent

“I took along my 2 boys ages 11 and 16. I didn’t tell them in advance what the course would be about, as I wouldn’t have been able to get them there. The start of the class was uncomfortable for me as my 11 year old was not happy with being ‘made’ to go somewhere he didn’t’ want to go. However, after 20 minutes, he settled and followed along with the instructions. I don’t know if he got anything out of the mindful aspect, but at the end of the session when we did a short exercise on gratitude/thanks, he came up with a few really lovely things (but was too embarrassed to tell me them, so he gave me his paper to read). My 16 year old was surprisingly open to the idea of the course. He suffers lots of of anxiety and has asked me to find him help to deal with it, and he told me that on the night following the mindfulness session, he’d used the triangle breathing technique in bed.  Result!”
Jo, parent

“I feel Calm Connections could play a crucial role in reunifying families and communities with their workshops and retreats. If we are to continue to counter this resurgence in division and disconnect we are seeing in the wider global communities then we have to start where we are and Calm Connections has my full support. I do hope it continues to get the support IT needs to have the impact WE need.”
Jo Flanagan, founder of MindRight youth organisation

“It was amazing and I loved it!”  
Tim, age 10

“I really feel the mindfulness workshops would benefit my family. My son in particular and myself would learn a lot at these workshops I believe and the intention is to attend as many as possible. I also believe anything relating to family unity, self-confidence and communication would also be beneficial.”
Trafford family