Who are Calm Connections?

Calm Connections is a Community Interest Company based in Trafford Greater Manchester.  We promote positive, healthy relationships, good mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing support for families going through tough times.

Our Mission is to enable a healthy and inclusive community, where children, families and communities thrive.

Our holistic and collaborative approach strengthens the family relationship at the earliest instance, avoiding relationship breakdown and instead providing tools for positive communication, connection and wellbeing that can be used throughout life.  

We are a team of experienced and qualified practitioners and parents who work with families to co-design and deliver programmes that you ask for.    

What do we do?

 Most of us will need some support with wellbeing, good mental health and parenting skills at some point, there are no instruction books when we care for a family, and it can be really tough at times. Our services are here to support you at the earliest opportunity and offer support while you wait for any assessments or help from other services.

We work with the whole family to support each other through daily life as well as through more challenging times, such as starting school or college, exams, changes at home, etc.  

Our workshops, programmes  and 1;1 sessions, will enable you to manage issues of challenge, big emotions such as anger and anxiety at the earliest possible point, with positive and life-changing outcomes, all leading to happier family relationships.

We are currently running Family Mindfulness workshops and our 6 week Calm Families programme. Our workshops and programmes are fun and relevant, suitable for all ages above 3years.

Please visit our Family Events page to see the list of upcoming workshops and programmes or Contact Us for more details.

Research shows that communication and connection are key to achieving such positive outcomes and scientifically proven techniques such as mindfulness lead to greater wellbeing, fewer negative emotions and less anxiety.   They will also give you and your young people the confidence, resilience and tools to manage all aspects of life in a calmer, more positive way.

We also offer a range of support for parents.

Please see Family Support for more information 

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