On first meeting Emma I was struck by her warmth, understanding and passion for improving the lives of families.  The company was really just a concept at this point but I could see that its foundations were powerful and I felt energised by the potential for what could be.


With such an infectious enthusiasm it was unsurprising to me that soon various highly skilled professionals were keen to be involved.  To consider how this would look, Emma and her business partner, Paul, held an inter-agency meeting. It was at this meeting that both Paul and Emma articulated a personal account of why they had set up the company and their strategic vision moving forward.  I remember feeling goose bumps at several moments in this meeting; there was no shortage of whole-hearted honesty, shared values and potential within the room.


Having supported a diverse range of families for many years during my time working in the voluntary and public sector, I could recognise how valuable an approach that opens up a space for communication and connection can be for families in supporting each other through life’s challenges.  At the end of the afternoon I completed an evaluation form, enthusiastically offering my support.


I was honoured to be asked to be Chair of the Calm Connection board in March 2018.  Since this time I have acted as a sounding board and critical friend, supporting the work and growth of Emma and Paul as well as being involved in some small projects such as the production of evaluation processes and the provision of executive leadership coaching for the company.


Dr Danielle White has worked with a diverse range of young people and families in transition for 10 years.  She holds a doctorate from the University of Manchester in Career Transition, has lectured at Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University in Education Studies, Youth Studies and Early Years.  Danielle is now self-employed as a researcher, educator and coach, supporting organizations and people to successfully transitions into their next challenge.