We are a team of experienced and qualified practitioners and parents, to present a range of workshops, programmes and support, ensuring they are fun and relevant, allowing you to build upon your skills and increase the connection and communication between all family members for a happier life and increased well-being.

Our board of directors have a wealth of experience to guide and direct the growth of Calm Connections.

Emma Lenihan

Emma Lenihan


Emma has 34 years of experience, working with children and their families, mainly in educational settings.

Emma has a BSc in Education Studies and Psychology and is a qualified teacher with a passion for delivering emotional development work and outdoor learning. She is a qualified Youth Mindfulness teacher and has also worked as a communication ambassador and Early Years Inspector.

As a mum of two teenage boys she has first hand experience of some of the difficulties faced by children, young people and their parents.

Dr Danielle White

Dr Danielle White

Chair of Board

Founder of DCW Consultancy – Education and Training Consultant

Danielle runs a training consultancy facilitating a small portfolio of workshops for PhD candidates and Early Career Researchers at Universities to support transition either into or out of an academic post.  She has a practical knowledge and a deep understanding of the problems experienced during life transitions both for individuals and families, drawing upon many years working with a range of families experiencing complex transitions within the South Manchester region and then going on to explore this through her Doctorate at the University of Manchester and subsequent lecturing in the same area.

Danielle is keen to support Calm Connections in their vision to support families to develop stronger relationships with each other.

Catherine Banks

Catherine Banks

Board Member

Founder of Elestial Therapy

Catherine is an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner.  She holds holds a Dip.MBSR qualification from the British School of Meditation and is their accredited Meditation Teacher Trainer in the North West region.

Catherine works with both adults and children, teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques to help improve their mental well-being and build emotional resilience.  She has previously worked with Barnardo’s Charity UK, introducing meditation practices to young carers, to help them cope with emotional trauma, anxiety and stress.

With a background in Law, Catherine is used to working in a high-pressured environment and has personal experience of practicing mindfulness in her everyday life to overcome issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, which she utilises in her work with Calm Connections.

Catherine is keen to support the work of Calm Connections as she strongly believes in and advocates the importance of practicing mindfulness to improve relationships and general well-being.