Where are your residential family retreats and workshops held?

Our residential family retreats and workshops are currently based in Greater Manchester.  Watch this space for upcoming events and expansion to other locations.

Are all families welcome at your workshops and retreats?

Yes, we welcome families of all types, although certain events and workshops will be targeted at specific age ranges and/or needs – this information is provided in the Upcoming Workshops section.  If you wish to attend one of our residential family retreats, we will meet you to carry out a pre-assessment of your needs and suitability before offering you a place on our retreats.

How do I know my family will be safe whilst on your residential retreats?

We aim to provide a safe space for all our families and we have rigorous policies and procedures in place to keep you and your family safe.  All facilitators are DBS checked and have undertaken relevant safeguarding training.  All professional practitioners are suitably qualified, experienced individuals and all parties are fully insured.

How can I contact you to discuss my needs or get further information?

Please click here to Contact Us.