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On first meeting Emma I was struck by her warmth, understanding and passion for improving the lives of families.  The company was really just a concept at this point but I could see that its foundations were powerful and I felt energised by the potential for what could be.  
                        Transforming my family life with mindfulness Here at Calm Connections, mindfulness underpins much of what we do.  For me personally, it’s more than just a practice, it’s a way of being that has fundamentally transformed my life, both
What is Mindfulness? There are so many definitions of mindfulness around these days that it can sometimes become overwhelming when looking up this topic for the first time. In a nutshell, the way I would define mindfulness (based on the definition given by the founder of the Mindfulness Based Stress
A friend recently asked how Calm Connections came about.  “Well,” I began, followed by an elaborate tale of families’ struggles in school, me feeling discontented as a teacher and the demands of being a parent.  None of these tales were made up – they were very real and, at times,